Cell Line Authentication (Human)

Contamination and misidentification of commercial cell lines can jeopardize your research. Short-tandem repeat (STR) profiling of cell lines is an easy-to-use way to authenticate/confirm the identity of your cells. STR profiling aids in the detection of misidentified, cross-contaminated or genetically drifted cells, which invalidate research results.

Short tandem repeat (STR) loci are among the most informative polymorphic markers in the human genome. STR profiles help ensure the quality and integrity of human cell lines in your research. Studies have shown that a minimum of eight core STR markers are required to positively identify human cell lines. Use of these 8 core STR markers (loci), D5S818, D13S317, D7S820, D16S539, vWA, TH01, TPOX, CSF1PO are recommended to uniquely identify human cells. Besides these 8 loci, we test for an additional Amelogenin locus.

TEP generates human STR profiles by amplifying multiple STR loci and amelogenin (for gender determination) using the Applied Biosystems AmpFLSTR™ Identifiler™ Plus PCR Amplification system.


STR Analysis Sample Submission



UIUC users: $55/sample

External academic: $65/sample

Industry: $88/sample

If cell pellets samples are submitted, we will charge $12/sample for genomic DNA extraction